Saturday, 27 August 2016

Schwarzkopf Time Restore Mask for Fragile hair

Hey ,

I already mention quite a few times about my hairs condition I got extenso
 done 4 times and rebounding twice haha so you can imagen the 
health of my hair last time when I went for extenso my hairs totally
 fried with the harsh chemicals and I had to cut them quite a lot L so
 now I am trying to grow them back which I succed in but still I am 
not happy with my hairs health now I am more concerned about 
repiring the damage which is already done.
I tried few products amongst them I love this Schwarzkopf Bona-cure
 time restore treatment.

I picked the intesnse version of this mask because I have that crunchy 
crincky stretchy type of hair due to bleaching and chemicals .

Lets talk about the packaging , it’s a simple jar packaging with golden
 lid nothing fancy though I am a sucker of packaging anyways I don’t 
mind unless it gives me great results .

Coming on actual product enough of paparazzi ..

It claims :

Anti-Aging Formula For Hair That Has Lost Strength or Moisture Leaving It Weak, Dry or Brittle

   100% more resistance & vitality
   Instantly rejuvenates hair strength

Q10 and Nutrifiller

Our brilliant BC TIME RESTORE formula combines Q10 with our breakthrough Nutrifiller technology to immediately erase visible signs
 of aging and stimulate the hair’s natural keratin synthesis.

How do I use it:

I shampoo first and than towel dry my hair once its towel dried I part 
them in 2 sections and work well than I wrap my hair and leave it for 
10-15 minutes it says 1-2 minutes but I like to leave in for more.

Once its done I than rinse it out well I usually don’t use conditioner 
after this but its your choice I would recommend using same line
shampoo & conditioner for better result don’t use it every day use 
it twice in a week .

It’s a Deep penetrating treatment for most fragile hair,the formula
 is very creamy and very easily spreadable it provide gloss & high
 level of  elasticity to your hair also it provide 25% more strength to
 your weeken hair some time you may feel roughness in your hair after
using pro products but that’s because of their reconstructive ingredients 
oh I love how it smells ,like a baby lotion haha.

Overall it’s an epic investment for your hair it also comes in red lid 
which is for damage repair aswell if your hair are not to damage and 
fragile than go for that one if your hair are very damage than try this 
one .

Hope this helps anyone please feel free to comment below.

Cost 1200 for 200ML
Available in every supermarket.