Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Blind Haul from Dubai

Yay its a haul post one of my favourite type of posts ,So luckily i got a chance to order some stuff from one of our friend coming from Dubai for EID and had only 2 hours to decide as he was in mall lol and i really wanted some stuff 😅 but was not sure what to order .

So there comes a google and i searched for top fav of y-tubers and finalised few things & sent out my list ☺

Products .

●SmashBox photofinish primer

●MarcJacob Primer

●Nars matte foundation(Most difficult to chose my shade (PUNJAB).

●KatVonD light contour palette

●KayVonD liquid lipstick lolitta2 

I was 100%sure that the shade of Nars foundation i have chosen must be wrong because it was a blind buy and i had not idea about nars foundations/undertones  but luckily its a perfect shade for my nc25 skin (*Wink ) the 2 things missing from my list is Nars bb cream & IT bye bye redness cream.

Over all i am loving all things 

Thankyou please comment below what should i add next in my list & what is the thing you eyeing on for now Chao^