Sunday, 22 November 2015

My personal Favourite Face Brushes

Hello guys as i was away from some time , i thought to make a post on my most favourite makeup brushes i will be putting pictures from google of my most favourite brushes along with their function.

  • Foundation brush 
i am a fan of SIGMA brushes and one of them are F80 Flat top kabuki brush for buffing out foundation.
 World most favourite sponge Beauty blender there is no going back once you have used this tool nothing on this earth can beat original Beauty blender.

  • Powder Brush
i am fan of ELF studio brushes 2 of my favourite powder brushes are these from elf

  • Contour Brush
Elf contour brush is very dense i love to  use it when i want very sharp and intense contour but you always need another brush with this to blend em all due to its density .

Coming to RT contour brush 301 this is superb for contouring a bit pricey but worth every penny recently started using it, it makes contouring so easy.

  • Blush Brush
Mac 129 is super perfect for blush.

Eco Tapered Blush brush is another most loving brush of mine for applying blush .
  • Highlighter Brush

Highlighter is my most favourite part of makeup i have tons of highlighters i love to use powder highlighters instead of liquid ones . only brush i use to highlight is Bh Fan brush from its polka dot brush set.

Please leave your fav makeup brush names below i will be posting more reviews hauls and some look posts soon . 

Anila F.

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