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DIY Face mask for Glowing and Clear skin

Top 3 Natural Face Mask Remedies 
Sometimes nothing is better than sitting around on your day off and pampering yourself! One of my favorite things to do during a pamper session is a face mask. Sometimes it’s impossible to find the time to treat yourself though and fortunately a face mask is one of those things you can leave on, continue your home cleaning for example, and then rinse off when you have a few moments free. My top 3 natural face mask recipes are great for any skin type!
The thing about store bought face masks is that like most beauty and hygiene products, it’s packed with all the nasty stuff. Chemicals, fragrance, and just lots of bits and pieces that we really should be putting on our face or body. If you get the time than google a few of the ingredients in your daily routine products and see for yourself. These top 3 natural face mask remedies contain none of these harmful ingredients.
I have decided to try natural and homemade products in all areas possible, such as body wash, lotions, bath soak, scrubs and now my face mask. I have tested as many as I can myself as well as testing them on friends and family with all different skin types and I must say so far we are all just loving these make-it-yourself products. Not only are they fun to make, you get to see every single ingredient going into them which means there are no hidden nasties!
Here are my top 3 natural face mask remedies.

The Banana Face Mask.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Mash up a ripe banana until it’s a nice smooth paste and firstly massage a little amount into your face and neck. Then apply more liberally until your face is evenly covered. You don’t want to pack it on to the point where you are walking around dripping banana all over the place, just enough to evenly cover. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.
Banana is packed with Vitamin A, B, E and Potassium and basically helps fight wrinkles and ageing, dryness and blemishes or dark spots as well as moisturising and hydrating your skin. UV ray protection is another plus side of the Banana Face Mask.
Combine with Honey for pimples and acne, or lemon for black spots and discolouration.

The Powdered Milk Mask

Again, nice and simple. Take about 3-4 table spoons of full fat milk powder and mix with a few table spoons of water, just enough to make a thick paste. Apply an even layer to face and allow to dry, then rinse with warm water.
The Lactic acid that is found in milk is so good for breaking the hold of dead skin cells to your skin. The full fat in milk also cleanses your skin down to the last layer ensuring that your face is left clean, pores are unclogged and skin is left hydrated and soft.

Oatmeal, Yogurt and Honey.

Definitely an invigorating face mask, it leaves your skin looking so lively, and full of moisture as well as free from oiliness or dryness.
  1. Mix together, ½ cup hot ( not boiling) water with ½ cup oatmeal and let it sit for a few minutes,
  2. Once it’s all nice and thick, drain any excess water if needed and to the remaining oatmeal add 2 table spoons of plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons of honey.
  3. Mix it all well and apply to face evenly. Let it sit for about 10 mins and then rinse with warm water.
The Oatmeal is so cleansing, it absorbs oil, unclogs pores and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. The honey acts as an anti-bacterial cleanser which is also good for pimples and blemishes and the yoghurt is soothing, anti-aging and provides long lasting softness. These 3 ingredients combined are a perfect face mask.
There you have it, simple and easy to make recipes. I hope you enjoyed my top 3 natural face mask recipes.

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