Saturday, 13 December 2014

MAC Blush Collection

Just a fun post for all Blush lovers I thought instead of reviews or hauls why not i display my little blush collection.

Today I am showing my tiny Mac blush collection I don’t have a enormous blush stash but these are adequate for one person who don’t really use makeup on daily basis.

I am not going to write a lot I am just showing photos n swatches here
Picture speaks more than words: D

oh i try to upload my blush drawer video here but unable to do that:( check here my Blushes video CLICK HERE

Modern Mandarin ( satin finish blush)
Immortal flower LE ( Satin finish)
Peaches (sheer tone )

Love cloud LE ( satin finish)
Peachykeen (Shimmer tone)
Breezy (Shimmer tone)

Full Fuchsia its a pro color don't really know about finish because i bought pan :D
Melba (Matte finish)

sorry for the lightning few colors are not justifying i took pictures at night in room light :(

will update my Collection part 2 soon with good lightning as well <3

Thankyou for checking it out leave your comments if you own any of them .


  1. beautiful... Full Fuchsia and Lovecloud are the best..

  2. Full Fuchsia looks awesome!
    Cheers <3

  3. wow such an impressive collection anila :)

  4. i love full fuchsia .. awesome collection

  5. Yummiest collection ever .. great swatches .. thanks for sharing dear <3

  6. I don't have any but loved the post thanks for so much details! Just joined you on GFC do join us on GFC too so we can stay in touch!


Thankyou for your lovely comments ♥ ♥