Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Benefit they re real Push up liner

I am not a liner girl at all I am too lazy to line my eyes, although still I wanted to try benefit push up liner have seen everywhere on the Internet.

It's a gel liner in a pen with twisted base where you have to twist it and product comes on tip ,matt black finish its long-lasting and and can make your eyes look larger.
Initially, u have to twist the base of it to get the product on a tip than start over,the tip is angled and with that design its so easy to apply perfect liner but make sure you give right pressure else you will end up putting thick line need a lot of practise with it.

What Sephora website says about Benefit pushup liner:

Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner is the first fool-proof and budge-proof gel liner in a pen. A gorgeous way to open up eyes, this matt black gel formula won’t dry out, and its cutting-edge tip ensures a precise line every time.

This eyeliner’s soft AccuFlex™ tip is custom-angled to draw an easy line. Its flat, wide guard gently pushes lashes aside to get close to lash line.

Suggested Usage:

  •  Resting the AccuFlex™ tip on the base of your lashes slowly guide along your lash line from the inner or outer corner.

  • For first-time use: remove and discard tip protector. Activate the eyeliner by twisting the base until gel is delivered to tip. Wipe any excess on a tissue.

 I like to start from middle and then work my way out but it advice to start from end and then keep pushing it till inner corner it's entirely depend on your comfort level.

It has so many reviews on so its basically very Well-liked nowadays, and it actually got five star on Sephora website that is one of the reason I got this for myself.

  • This eye liner stays all day yes even if i wash my face it does not come out you need a separate remover or it has its own eyeliner remover by benefit you can get that also,
  •  It is not the easiest to apply you need to figure it out how to apply it correctly
  • It definitely needs a lot of practice at first to use it correctly, and I am still struggler with it
  • It won't dries out quickly but still quicker than I ended up applying.
  • Definitely smudge & budge proof won't transfer to your lid .

Pardon my Brows :D

If you want that matt jet black eyeliner, which last throughout the day this, is definitely your piece worth spending your bucks in it but practice needed.


Have you tried it yet? what is your rating about this product love it or leave it?


  1. Great review, I am obsessed with eye liners, would love to try :)

     sahar blogs

  2. A friend of mine also got this and she also loving.. great review and your eye look beautiful in every pic.

  3. Lovely product... n looks intense
    N I wont pardon your brows :p

  4. This seems so pigmented...and you have lovely eyes MashAllah.. <3

  5. very detailed and well written review anila...i want to try it now hehe

  6. great review Anila! your eyes are so pretty mashALLAH

  7. I love eyeliners =D u have such beautiful eyes ma sha Allah! :*

  8. awesome swatches n review .. n ur eyes soooo Pretty :)

  9. wow I love ur eyes! & em so gonna get this now :D

  10. I loveee matte eyeliner! This one looks super intense thankyou I've been waiting for a review on this! <3

  11. That's a strong product. Would love to try!


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