Wednesday, 30 April 2014

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

7 Deadly sins of Beauty

 I saw this on lovely Jenna Blog, and she permitted me to repost
with similar questions I love how international bloggers appreciate and connect
with each other.

What beauty product makes you feel especially beautiful and confident?

 I think there is no one product, I  can say,which specifically makes me feel better but yes if I have to take 1 name than indeed it will be Mascara,  The only thing literally changes the whole look.
Carlibel eyes always an inspiration

What feature, you don't have, you envy the most?

  well i really don't have that separate crease which i envy the most .

 What beauty product you hate?

I truly hate physician formula organic wear fake out mascara I purchased that since it claim to lengthen your lashes and organic word always attract me, however, it was the worst thing I spend on ever.

What product/part of your routine you usually don't use/do because you're lazy?

Hah I think I skip contouring lol it required time and concentration but am always in hurry so proper contouring is one thing I usually miss.

What's the most expensive beauty product you own? What about the cheapest?

Most expensive beauty product was Sisley-paris Skinleya foundation and cheapest i think nail varnishes .

Do you have more pieces of some certain beauty product.  If yes, what?

Yes I have ; I  like to stock up something I love , I  have few Telescopic mascaras ,  some Ben Nye powders, urban decay perversion pencils dolce and gabana perfume and few other items.

If you had money to buy whatever you wanted, which beauty product you would buy?

 Guerlain illuminator,  leis waiter rouge  lipsticks and mac brushes.

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  1. Wow nice to read about u. :)
    Me also into if i liked anything i start stocking it :P

  2. Loved reading it, and I agree that international bloggers truly connect and honor the bloggers :)

  3. Great!!! Loved reading it all :)

  4. wow great to know you more.Yeah I want to own that separate crease too :p

  5. Great post really! good read!!

  6. Great post... If I had money to buy expensive stuff, I would also shop your lust list. :)

  7. If I had money, I would also shop your lust list :). great post

  8. Wow I didn't think anyone would link to my blog :OO Thank you for that ~ Great answers :)

  9. This is really fun to read. It's great to know more about the writer.

  10. Great post, thank you for sending your link to me. Really enjoyed reading your posts. You're a good blogger. Can't wait to read more from you.


  11. Enjoyed reading your post.
    Hello sweet girls. Hope you are doing fine. New post is up on blog. Plz check and show some love.


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