Monday, 6 January 2014

M.A.C Haul 2014

Wow how blessed I am I was talking for these items a day before I got them in my hands, this is the quickest thing happened with me ever and I am so damn happy these are just perfect.

Friend of mine was coming from Dubai and I just texted in to get these from Dubai duty free and luckily all things were available at duty free counter of MAC these are my very first brushes from MAC and I cant wait to try them This is probably my first Haul post of 2014 and I think in previous year I have posted a lot of haul posts .

You can check here my HAULS

Have a look and share your thoughts,

Mac Strobe Creams 30mlx2
Mac 210 Eyeliner Brush
Mac 266 Eyeliner Brush
Mac 116 Blush Brush 
Boss Jour Pour Femme Parfume


  1. wow...lovely picks.. :) Enjoy the goodies...

  2. wow good products :D enjoy your goodies :D

  3. wow lovely haul :)

  4. wow i can imagine your happiness after having Mac Strobe Creams. i am so wanting to have these... Girl you made my day

  5. Nic haul..i wish i could pick some of their lipsticks

  6. Lucky you!
    I am your new follower, if you have time then do visit my blog and share your opinion


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