Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wish trend Introduction post*

Hello Beauties,

 Today I am posting about one-stop shop   for all Korean  makeups to skin care to hair care none other than Wishtrend the hub of all Korean  beauty.

 I posted earlier in my posts that I simply love Korean makeup and skin care, they are truly amazing with budget friendly prices. I  am pleased to introduce wishtrend on my Blog.

 What is wish Trend?:

• Wish trend is an online store offering authentic Korean brands.
• Offering more than 30 Korean brands famous and in-famous which only Korean women know now they are sharing their secret of being wonderful with the world.
• More than 400 products has been introduced.
• Shipping to 50 countries worldwide Free shipping over 70$.

 Services provided by Wishtrend

  Product Diversity
( Various products meet your requirement from women to men to babies with vast collection of items.

  Affordable prices Quality
(Prices are hilariously wonderful pocket friendly with best quality they care for you.

  Fresh pieces with expiration dates
(you donot need to worry about quality as well as the freshness of product all brands directly come from their own warehouses with manufacturing and expiration dates'  shop once and check all authenticity of this company they deliver you freshly made stuff

  Worldwide Delivery (you don't need to be in korea to try their fab products wish trend deliver worldwide so entire world can enjoy Korean secrets and your product will reach you safely as wishtrend is designed their own boxes to supply you your item safe and secure.

Boom Boom  Free Bies (We love free bie aint we:P I love it and wish trend surprise you with many free samples hold on not only samples but with Delicious Korean snacks and sweets.

  Safe and Secure Checkout/payments (Wishtrend does not keep your payment details, they accept pay pal and credit cards I would suggest to use pay pal safe n secure without any hesitations.

  Customer service

 ( Here is what always concern me customer department I have had many bad experiences with online store they don’t reply or don’t care about your query but wish trend care for you and your payments, they reply you in 24 hours with all your queries. I am very glad about it if you have any query related to contact them

Wishtrend special Wish Box
The Wish Box consists of very special products not easy to get in abroad,
which have Korean theme.

 What special wish trend has to offer?
Wish Box is considered on special beauty products from various Korean beauty brands all top sellers included in this box @ super discount.

The kit contained all your skin-care  solutions from pores to acne all problems 1 solution sol-kit .

Beauty steal is exclusive offer composed on discount cosmetics at time.

 Donot Forget to check them all Wishtrend Channels links below .

Wishtrend Site and Channel Links

I am posting few pics which I really need to try from Wishtrend my wishlist is below 

3D Spin Cleaner + Blackhead Brush + Vita Capsule Cleanser


Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set (Season1)

SPA Vita Berry Shampoo / Treatment

i really want to try these items are so tempting .

Do visit wish trend and explore hundreds of awesome items .


  1. I've their 3D Spin Cleaner and Elisha Coy Capsule Cleaner and I absolutely loved it <3

  2. wishtrend is an amazing website, i wish to buy something from them ..


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