Thursday, 7 November 2013

Klairs illuminating supple Blemish Cream spf40++

Hola chicks everybody is enjoying winter season I am loving it just don’t like this dryness on my face due to winters, but I have a solution now with me packed in a tube which does not allow dryness and dullness, appear on my face which we  face in winters what it is let's find out more about it.

 It's not a BB cream neither CC cream it’s a Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream spf 40PA++

 Klairs is a Korean brand, and we all know Koreans creams are the best for every skin tone.

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
is Suitable for Any Skin Type.

For Dry, Oily, Sensitive
or Combination Skin.

+ Natural Coverage.
+ Anti Irritation.
+ Sun Protection.

Brand : KLAIRS 
All Skin type
Volume : 40ml
Made in Korea

What Klairsilluminating supple blemish cream is all about ?lol such a big-name :P

 Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream gives your skin whitening and wrinkle improvement effect for silky-smooth skin while safely protecting skin from UV rays A and B with strong sun protection function.

My Thoughts:

 As you can see the name it’s an illuminating blemish cream, which is intended to give a natural glow on your face. I found it very beneficial in this winter season when your skin is dehydrating and your skin need a moisturizer,after moisturising how tedious it looks in this weather?

 I was skeptical to try this cream as soon as I get this in my hand, I was astonished how it works on me it moisturise my skin, gives a light to medium coverage and the best thing without looking like a dry patchy babe it gives my skin that natural glow which I fancied in this winter season, it’s a must have product for every lady around the globe who have these issues of being dull in winters and don’t really want to use too much on her face .

 Packaging:  what a wonderful name and what a boring packaging, I  don’t truly like the outlook of this tube, I like the squeeze tube but not the color, I was expecting it to be some shimmery or lively tube with illuminating effect on it lol but the best part is it’s a plastic squeeze tube which is very easy to use and take out a right amount of cream without wasting any product the black and off-white packaging is a big no for me? I am kind of colorful girl when it comes to packaging and yes its a travel friendly tube it will never mess your makeup bag .

 Consistency: Klairs Formula is thick and it gives a great coverage, I use a tiny drop of it  and then blend it all over my face, including my neck and then buff out all access repeat if you want more coverage it blends easily and once its settle down you will love yourself don’t use a lot other wise you will become a Japanese doll due to its whitening effect .

Over all :I am very much liking this cream it moisturise my skin,protect from sun rays and give coverage and most importantly the lively glow on my face. Sometimes, time it does smell like a ginger but after 2,3 use of it; you  will not smell that I don’t know why lol maybe  I am used to of it.

one thing I am not sure about is the wrinkle care because I don’t have any wrinkles so I don’t know what it does to them but whitening effect is quite high in this cream if you use a lot you will instantly feel your face is way more whiter than your neck so make sure you use tiny amount and don’t forget your neck and back of neck they must be cover with the same amount of coverage as your face is .

Please Blend Blend Buff Buff all excess product to get natural effect it applies on every thing you wear on your face.

  • Give a natural glow
  • Moisturise and nourish your skin
  • leave a soft and shiny skin with natural coverage
  • Contain high spf 40++
  • Smells like a ginger at first
  • give whitish effect if not blended well
  • Comes in 1 shade
  • Bit expensive 
  • very boring packaging
If you looking for something best for your skin in this season get your hands on Klairs Illuminating cream before it get out of stock .

Price and availiblity : $24 available at Wish trend Click here WISHTREND


  1. wow I love the effect on you.Total transformation. ^_^ I am falllllllin for it.Thumbs the review.

  2. Nyc review! I would love to try this <3

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