Thursday, 10 October 2013

US Haul of Makeup

 I am a bit late to post about my haul, I previously posted picture of on my Facebook page, and here I am revealing what I got in my very first US parcel. First of all, I would like to mention here as Many of you asked when I posted the picture of my haul how I gt them shipped to me from US to Pakistan.

 I purchased them online and get them deliver to my US address, which was provided me by incase you don’t know about shipito it’s the most convenient, and I would say an inexpensive way to get your stuff from US you can shop anything from any US website and get them deliver to Shipito address once you will signup with them, They will provide you your address which you need to put wherever you shop. After the parcel came to shipito address they send you an email and ask for filling the custom form available in your account they than charge 2$ for picture which is vital and they open your parcel capture a picture and upload on your account where you can see your all stuff yummy yummy things and than just fill up your custom form and send it to them than you can even choose if you have more packages coming to wait and let all parcels come first and than ship them out you can consolidate all your parcels in 1 box this will cut down your shipping fee as well as all parcels in 1 packet is way more stress-free than 2,3 packages coming from abroad as you all know about our custom situation for that they charge 8$ each parcel consolidation fees, once you done they will send you an email after re-packing you all stuff in 1 box and weight it now you are ready to choose your preferred shipping options there is many options to choose from I would recommend to choose tracked insured either slow Air mail or fast but should be covered with insurance and tracking. I recieved my 1st packet in 37 days.

 Scroll down for pictures ☺

i bought so many ELF HD Blush in Diva accidently i dint saw in my cart and checkout without reviewing so i am selling Hd Blushes in only 450 Rupees if anybody wants message me on my facebook page here Message here

Hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed:)

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I am not affiliated nor sponsored by shipito or any company this is my own experience i thought to share with you :)


  1. Lovely, congrat enjoy all Ur goodies plz name.all product I'm details, what is that big elf packaging

  2. Lovely stuff. Have you paid any custom duty for this parcel ?

  3. am drooling over what you got....

  4. hi , supers haul , waiting for review , specially for elf and eos , also u pay just 30 rupee custom , how? plz tell me i also wana buy many things online but never tried to bec of huge custom's share , ill contact u on ur fb

    1. Afdhan if you choose airmail or any slow shipping method u ll never get charge lot if your parcel is till 1 kg bcz i dn hv idea abt heavy parcels if your parcel doesnot contain any liquids and its slow not priority shipping u ll gt charge not more than 100 rupees

  5. superb , i m waiting for elf and eos reviews :)
    u paid just 30 rupee for custom how ? from which website u buy these products?
    i wana buy many things but never tried bec of huge custom amount
    ill contact u on ur fb

  6. shipito sounds good. Thank you for sharing as I am sure many others didnt know about this. Very informative and a very interesting haul you had
    ✿Amna's Blog✿

  7. Awesome haul post i lve eos lipbalm <3

  8. wow awesome haul.Thankyou much for sharing your experience with shipito.I wanted to use such a service but was in doubt.Thankyou once again ^_^

  9. So many products! Loving the Eos and baby lips. Can't wait to go back to the States again!

  10. everything is yummy and thanks for letting us know, i was thinking to place an elf order so.. <3

  11. Wow! Massive haul! I want to try benefit and eos balms! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  12. I love makeup! <3
    Thats a huge and intresting collection u have! <3

  13. Waoo beautiful collection i <3 your choice


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