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The Bosydhop VS Tony Moly Cat Chu lip & cheek Tint

Review is going to be between 2-lip and cheek' tint, which I like to wear every day.

 The Body shop lip and cheek stain VS Tony moly cat chu lip and cheek tint.

Let's start with The Body shop lip and cheek tint.

 The Body shop lip and cheek tint in Rose pink.

 This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. It can be used under gloss for added intensity.
• For lips and cheeks
• Natural effect
Dermatologically tested

 You know how your lips gaze when you’ve eaten strawberries & beetroot. That rosy natural lips these both stains offer the same effect but with good staying power.

Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly it’s like a regular lip-gloss tube. It has 2 shades am reviewing Rose pink and not liking the other shade at all product is 8ml tube which is I think enough for more than 3-4 months for me. Throw it in your bag without the fear of dripping.

Consistency is kind of gel, but it's very watery. Once applied , rub with a fingertip it will deliver very nice wash out effect its very sheer so I can build it up with my desired intensity, I like how it goes on my cheeks but indeed, I don’t  enjoy how it gives me an un-even application on my lips may be because my lips are very dry chappy as mention before in few of my post that my lips are very dry in summers and in winters as well it needs to moisturise every hour yes every hour so may be because of that this does not suit me.

 Application attempt is very smooth just dot your lips or cheeks and blend it with a finger those areas, which are exfoliated and not dry it gives darker shade there as compare to other dry areas.

 Lasting power is not so decent it stays on my cheeks for 2 hours and on lips 1 hour hardly.


 Overall, the formula color everything is perfect for natural glowing wash out look and its perfect for those who have no dry patches on their lips.

  • Easily available worldwide
  • best for natural look
  • easily blend able
  • Build able
  • light to dark intensity 

  • Dry out lips
  • un-even application on lips
  • bad staying power
  • pricey

Tony molly lip cat chu wink lip tint in Red apple.

 It contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips. Also contains other nourishing ingredients to help the lips look lively and vibrant

 Unlike lip-gloss, lip tint is not thick or sticky but still makes your lips look gorgeous! Don't be put off by the how red the tint looks in the bottle! Lip tint actually gives your lips a nice, natural finish.

 Main Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Stevia extracts.

 This tint comes in a very cute nail polish kind of bottle with the similar lip gloss wand.i really like the packaging.

P.S it’s a sample size contain the 5ml product original packaging is like a lip-gloss with kitty brush, I am adding Google image of it as well.

 It’s a Dark reddish color in a bottle but once applied and rubbed it comes on the body shop colour intensity, you can either wear it dark or rub it to look more natural they both are same in colour for me because the body shop can be build  able to tony moly shade and tony moly is reverse able to the body shop shade.

 You just need 2 dot of this, and it gives a very natural and subtle look. However,  I like this tint more than the body shop because it delivers very nice shade and did not look un even on my lips and cheeks.

Consistency is neither gel nor watery it's in between and easy to blend.

 Staying power is extremely worthy it stays all day on my cheeks and for 3-4 hours on my lips, I really like this, but I have 1 dispute with this tint that it gives my lips that minty itchy feel for few seconds which the body shop tint doesn’t give i don’t mind but maybe few of you won't enjoy it.

  Overall  for me Tony moly is a winner just because it stays more than the body shop, and it doesn’t need to re-apply to get the desired intensity once applied just blend it till you get your shade .

  • lovely texture
  • easily blendable 
  • dark to light intensity
  • 2 sizes to buy 
  • little goes long way
  • afforable
  • stays longer 
  • Not easily available everywhere 
  • gives itchy feeling for few seconds once applied


  • The Bodyshop Lip and cheek tint is around 1500 i bought it from UK and it costed me 10 pound
  • Tonymoly Depend on diffrent Ebay sellers i bought mine for 2$ sample size actual tube is around 8-10 $ 

TBS in-stores worldwide 
Tony moly eBay,korean websites

Some Random pics of my Nephew wearing Tints lols ( He love my Stash):P

Tony Moly

Tony moly 



Have you tried any tint which is your fav one?


  1. hahaaha your little nephew is a cute pouter :P So cute! my little baby also loves to apply whatever i use on his tiny lips. Btw lovely review.. havent used them both so want to try them myself.

    Do visit my blog too sometime!

  2. Helpful review.. i was thinking of buying tbs lip & cheek stain but after reading your review i have changed my mind.. thanks for saving my money ;-)


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