Monday, 28 October 2013

MAC Addicts M.A.C products Doubt and clarifications.

Hey Girls, my Fellow Bloggers,

 I am here to try to clear your fears about MAC ADDICTS Facebook page.

 I have purchased few times from this shop, and I never experienced any issue but some of my Fellow bloggers are in doubt, so I thought to compare my Mac Blushes with my Mac Addicts purchase.

 I never had any issue with my purchase from this store we all know how many fake mac items are in a market, so I think it's worthy to post about it here.

 I bought Peaches and immortal flower from Mac Addicts am placing up the pictures side by side of Mac addict purchase VS Mac-in store purchase,

Mac Addict purchase VS Mac in-store purchase

 Immortal flower vs Love cloud

The only issue i have is this HCT mark on my in-store purchase which is not on my Mac Addicts purchase i dont know what does this sign means but this is the only difference between both.

i Hope this post help you in any manner, All mention products and statements are my own nobody force or paid me to write this .

please leave your experience and doubts about Mac Addicts i would like Mac addicts owner to join the converation and if any body has any doubt they can answer it here .

Paradon my bad image quality and short post as its just a quick post for my fellow bloggers who were wants me to put up the comparison pics.:)


  1. Hmmm !!! Quite difficult to judge the difference apart from what you have mentioned. Thanks for putting up this post you have done your job beautifully as a beauty blogger.i really appreciate your work.

  2. They look the same to me.The fake products are such a big problem for cosmetic industry.even the companies dont know how to stop it.It becomes extremely hard at times to differentiate between fake and real.I prefer buying mac from stores coz return does not involve fuss.

    1. Agree with you but as you know we dont have Mac officialy here in pakistan those few counters who stock mac diesnot have entire collection some time what i want they dont have and few are over prices so mostly girls contact online pages for these items.

    2. Anila,

      I think these are fake because i did read an article on how to spot fake MAC products and it was clearly written that the real products have HCT written on them. i don't doubt the sellers intentions but may be she's getting her products from another seller who is selling fakes. So, kindly pass on this message to start getting her products directly from mac store as these are fakes and would be harmful for girls who are using this makeup.

    3. What does HCT sign indicates?

    4. Sorry for the confusion it was an old article, i think HCT used to be written before but its not there on the products anymore I've double checked with mine as I bought the products directly from MAC store in USA. But anyways, the best way to check is if she's selling the products on a lesser price than the retail price, they are definitely fakes as MAC doesn't go on sale neither provides discounts on its products. Also kindly read this article and check yours if you can verify yours

  3. Hello anila...
    Thank you for this lovely post...
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    We provide 100% authentic MAC products directly from USA..
    We provide all products from the mac site the official one at the most affordable rates...
    We are so sure about are authencity we will give you a refund if you get fake peoducts when you order...
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    1. Thankyou for taking it poaitively appreciate your work. So the authenticity guranteed with refund if you doubt on the authenticity.

  4. in my opinion both are looking same..

  5. both looks same thanks for sharing :)

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