Friday, 13 September 2013

Essence Miami Dates on Skates Blush Review/swatches

Hello ladies, Hope you doing well .

i am  here with yet another exciting product of this month the most raved product of this season and the most lovely omber blush I have ever seen, its Essence Miami beach roller skate Blush what a lovely name I flattered on this product first look when I saw this introduced on essence Pakistan page. And was trying from that day to get my hands on this gorgeous multi task blush.

I don’t own any omber blush so I was skeptical to try this but I could not get this anywhere it vanishes from shelf like a water literally flies away in no time.

It was out of stock everywhere but finally I manage to get this from Diva online store oh yes its mine now .

Let me tell you what it does to me was it really worth buying this lovely look blush or its just a bragging of out look lets find out more with swatches here.

Starting with the packaging I like how the 3 colors are packed in one blush and how easy it is to use any of color with one swipe, or you can mix it to make your own color its 4 in 1 packed tray!  From orange to coral to pink and a New shade I name it Miami roll on lol yeah that’s the name of my 4th color which I get easily by mixing all 3 of them.

The blush comes in plastic frame tray kind of pan and its transparent I don’t really like the packaging because am one of them who plummet for cute girly packaging and it's not my type of.

Texture is very soft and one swipe is enough to shade your cheeks. There is a lot of fall out in pan due to its powdery texture so keep a light hand with this blush other wise you will waste a lot of product every time.

 Pigmentation is super awesome I really like it . The blush contains warmer to cooler shade so its ideal for any skin tone.

P.S Due to some lightning issue I applied very heavily just to show in pictures I normally don’t like to apply too much
1st color in pan .

  • The first shade is an orange with yellow undertone i applied it very heavily lol .
Next in pan

  • Next shade is my favourite i like to apply it alone without mixing with others it's a coral-ish mixture of pinkish and orange such a lovely shade i adore it and pardon for such a heavy swatch but in my camera lightning it was not showing me like this .:)
Final shade is pink in pan
  • Final is pink very gorgeous dolly colour

Thats the mixture of all 3 i named it Roll on:)

  • It's the final look of all colors mixed together 
  • Gorgeous color 
  • pigmented
  • Staying power is super awesome it stays even if you wash your face with water only

Over all this blush has everything and every color which a girl need to use on every day or a bit of bold for night out i like how it looks on me . staying power is epic it stays on me for 5 hours without any fading . its worth buying product

  • 3 colors to work with
  • suits every skin tone 
  • build-able
  • stays all day long
  • very affordable 
  • highly pigmented
  • soft texture easily blend-able
  • little goes long way

  • Powdery
  • plastic packaging
  • out of stock everywhere

Bought from Diva store Diva store
Price:450 Rupees
Availiblity Check your nearest Essence counters 

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Have you tried or tested it ? or you still waiting to get your hands on it i will love to hear from you :)


  1. It was my blushlove at first sight ♡♡♡ awesome swatches and review :-)

  2. you look like a barbie anila......instead of blush i was busy seeing you sweety....anyway nice review and i couldn't find it anywhere even on diva store

  3. Amazing review loved the swatches doll :D

  4. Wow, it looks so gorgeous and looks amazing on you!

    x Donah

  5. Wonderful review! and you are so cute too:) x

  6. Lovely look very cute .Seems to be great blush.

  7. lovely swatch pictures Anila and you're so cute mashAllah! thanks for stopping by my blog :) xx

  8. OMG I want this!! O_O I don't think the colours would suit me at all unfortunately, but it looks so cool!!! :D
    I found your blog on an older blog hop and am now following! :D

  9. Hey. Congratulation.
    I nominated to you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check my blog for more info.


  10. you look ravishing and the all the colours suit you alot <3

    Hope you drop by sometimes
    A fellow PBBC Approved blogger

  11. Omg its so gorgeous very cute on :)

  12. All the shades suit you so perfectly. x

  13. u r such a beauty x

  14. Pretty blushes! I like the pink one.
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines


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