Friday, 16 August 2013

Deogra Travel Hair straightener

Straighteners are the go-to gadget to sort out a bad hair day. A multi purpose tool to curl,straighten and flip hairs in seconds.

Hair irons are my best friends I have very curly – unruly and what so ever hair i love to try new irons but keeping in mind that they burn my hairs badly now I use it once or twice a week. I prefer doing my whole head occasionally but I do straighten my bangs and front part for a neat look whenever I go out.

As living in this economy where we have no electricity (most of the time) when we need to rush out I decided to get a cordless hair straightener. I had 2 options when I was planning to buy this.first one was a gas cordless hair iron and the other one was rechargeable I know most of you who experienced gas irons will prefer gas one instead of rechargeable but I choose the rechargeable because I don’t want to spend my bugs on buying gas refills again and again.

if your hair is anything like mine curly frizzy mass mess than you need a little help in making your locks luscious on the go.

Deogra Prince Rechargeable Cordless Hair Straightener.

•   Cordless
•   Rechargeable
•   3 Heat Settings
•   Tourmaline
•   Spare Battery, Charging Stand and UK, US & EU Adaptors included!

Product Description
Deogra Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Cordless Hair Straightener The very latest cordless hair straightener on the market. With floating ceramic tourmaline plates and temperature of 200 degrees you will be able to achieve all the results you would expect from a corded model. Fast heat up with variable temperature settings for individual hair textures and styles. The straightener comes with an spare battery, charging base, charger, in-car charger and is a dual voltage appliance and suitable for worldwide use. UK, US & EU adaptors Plate size: 2.5cm wide by 8 cm long Comes in presentation Box

My verdict:

I was skeptical to try this cordless hair straightener and was truly not expecting a lot from it. I used it after my gym session and was really impressed with the performance. It included 2 rechargeable batteries and can recharge both batteries at a same comes with a charger stand, a car charger and 1 attachment which I don’t know what is the use of that pin. It has 3 heat settings which you can adjust with your desire. I use it on high setting because my hairs are very dull and frizzy. The  plates are tightly packed and the tourmaline coating really gives me a shine.

Over all this little gadget impressed me very well it does heat up quickly and you can easily refresh your unruly locks where ever you are.

Pros : you will like it if you looking for

  • ·     Travel friendly
  •       You can charge it in car as well
  •        Heat up fast
  • ·     Different heating settings
  • ·     Easy to use anywhere
  • ·     Affordable

Cons: you may leave it because

  • ·     Doesn’t do a pro job
  • ·     You don’t need travel straightener
            I Bought mine from amazon for £ 40



Do you use any Travel straightener if yes than which one?


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  2. I have never heard about gas or rechargeable straightener . I like the review. Wish you had included before and after pics of your hair when you used the straightener :)

  3. thats like a dream product for all palkistanis! great review:) x

  4. that is answer to the prayers of all Pakistani girls fed up of black outs! Well done for finding such a amazing product.

  5. wow this one sounds awesome for travelling and for busy moms.thanx for sharing.great review.

  6. Great product!
    Currently i am using a hair straightener and this one also having the good features.


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