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Bourjois 3D Lip glosses Review/Swatches ❥

Hello My lovely ladies,

Who don’t want to color their lips with lipstick and give a touch of glow with gloss, I know every girl love glosses it’s the essential part of makeup and without lip gloss makeover is not completed.

In my case I love glosses but I don’t wear it a lot reason behind not wearing gloss everyday is my dental surgery I never had such chappy lips before my surgery I don’t know what is the link between dental surgery and lips, but there is something, if I try to wear lipsticks and glosses my lips became so chappy that I remove everything from my lips and use a lip balm instead of gloss I use Vaseline to give a hint of shine normally but still I do use glosses occasionally and wear those 1 which are not sticky I hate sticky glosses .

Bourjois 3D Effect lip gloss are one of my favorite due to its non-sticky formula and high shine element after all they are 3D and my very first 3d lip glosses.:)

I bought 6 shades and lost my 2 lol I don’t know where they are (RIP) so basically now I have 4 shades and the review is all about those 4 amazing shades find out which one is my favorite.

PACKAGING are simple and sturdy its like the other glosses with a transparent hard plastic packaging so you can easily spot your favorite shade without any fuss the shimmer glosses has black lid and the normal one has the gold lid as shown in pictures they are travel friendly and don’t leak at all.

Formula as I mention above these are fabulously non stick glosses due to which I am in love with it they don’t stick on your lips like a glue and leave those white layer of dead skin which mostly sticky glosses leave after sometime.

Shade: 36,34 Rose mythic,18 beige theoric and 18 Transparent oniric.

      Bourjois 3D Effect les nudes lip gloss in shade 36 sorry I lost the sticker so don’t have its name It’s a nude peachy gloss with a lot of crushed glitter in it. Shade 36 is from the family of coral with glitter I normally don’t like glittery glosses I hardly wear this shade but it make your lips visible pop if you are a glitter lover you will like it.

      Next shade is 34 Rose Mythic it’s a kind of nude pink shade which is 1 shade lighter than my lip color it blends with my  lips and leave a quick 3d effect it also contain some glitter but relatively lesser than the shade 36 I use it more than shade 36 .
Due to lightning the shade looks much coral but originally its same as on lips.
      One of my most favourite shade in this line is shade 16 Beige theoric it’s a beige colour perfect match of my lip colour it is my utmost wearable gloss I am not at all scared of wearing this shade either in night or day It’s the best shade I can say for any lady of any age. a perfect non-sticky nude beige colour with no added glitter at all give instant brilliance 3x shine.

      Last but not the least one is shade 18 Transparent oniric its such a great and a true 3D lip gloss shade a clear gloss can be worn alone or above any lip colour it really gives me crystal clear and diamond shine effect I bet you will fall in love with this one it’s the high shine and non-sticky gloss oh I really love this one do try this if you find in-store anywhere.

Over all my 2 best shades are 16 and 18 shade and they both are without any shimmer perfect non-sticky Bourjois 3d glosses comes in 7.5ml tube which will last me like forever..

Lasting time: I worn mine for more than 4 hours and I dint re-touch it without sipping and eating but I don’t mind re-touching if I need to.

Highly Recommend it.


·      Non sticky
·      Very long lasting
·      True 3d effect


·      Pricey
·      Some shades are very glittery

Availability: All Bourjois counters around the Globe
i bought mine from Amazon :5.99Pound

Hope you liked it i will love to read your comments in comment box.
Have you tried any 3D glosses yet?

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