Saturday, 4 May 2013

My New Phone

 So This is 1 of my love these days. The brand new  Samsung galaxy S4. I am not going to discuss about any specifications or features as I am not reviewing it am just sharing my new love and what I liked about this phone.

 I am an ios lover. I know many of you know this I have been using iphone since the day 2nd generation phone released, and I never thought I would switch from iphone to any other brand, but I love to change my taste so this time I tried android as I never used android this is my second Samsung galaxy phone I bought Samsung galaxy s2 but did not like it and again roll back to my ios device but this time what make me to get this.

I purchased iphone5 and after using it for just 3-4 months it left me all alone it busted, I Googled and saw so many users complaining about the iphone 5 heating issue and then in result of it some users experienced the short-circuit I am from 1 of them unfortunate soul who bought from iphone 5 first batch, and many first batch users experienced the same problem included my friend too. I had a choice of iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy s4 again to buy, but I thought instead of buying iphone5 again why not try new Samsung galaxy s4 for a year until iphone 6 comes out I know I cannot leave ios .

 Any ways what am loving about this phone is its camera its 13mp which is superb and the quality is very awesome its user friendly loving the screen and air gesture oh yes the box is wooden pattern something different ;).

 All in all,   Set is worth buying.

 What I am not liking: Plastic body I guess am used of an aluminium body of an iphone,

 Hope you ll love this phone and iphone users, I know iphone is best, but sometimes  we really need a change for a small period because am 1 of the Apple lover 2


  1. AWESOME! great decision..i love android more than customizing my phone <3


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