Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jewell-ery Haul

      There are so many pages on Facebook selling jewellery which they trade from ALIEXPRESS or ALIBABA website, so I decided to order directly from aliexpress which saved my money, as well as a lot of varieties to choose from.
Here is what I shop from


I don't remember exact amount, but I surely can say I saved my 60% of money from ordering it directly from ALIEXPRESS not from any Facebook page but if you want 1,2 things than I will not recommend buying  from the direct site . 

Hope you liked it share your experience of aliexpress or from where you buy your jewellery usually. 


  1. Wow love it all, even a single pearl esp the cute bow ring on cute little hands and the big bow ring in ur fingers, my baby also wears my jewelry...cute!!!

  2. Thanks for the post. Will check out the websites :)

  3. thanks for recommending the website. Will sure go there take a look. Love those bow earrings.

    New follower from the blog hop :)

  4. Wow this is an amazing jewellry haul, I definitely have to check out the website, it's all gorgeous! I'm a new follower from the bloghop :) love it if you could check out mine!

    Lauren x

  5. all the items are so cutee love them

    do check out my blog

  6. Awesome haul! I think you did a good thing ordering by urself and paid less amount, how long did it take to deliver??
    Enjoy your goodies!:) xx

  7. wow what a lovely haul! everything is so perfect

  8. I just ordered mine directly from them too !!!! It saves about 70-80% of your money and in save hands if you pay via paypal .... Can't wait to get my goods and oh well few things are similar too and I just noticed it :-D


Thankyou for your lovely comments ♥ ♥