Monday, 1 April 2013

Secret swap By PBBC :)

This post is entirely dedicated to PAKISTAN BEAUTY BLOGGER COMMUNITY

It's time to show what I received in my mail from my secret swapper. Pakistan beauty blogger community had a great fun activity in which they decided a certain amount and those bloggers who wanted to participate has to be filled up a form and send it to them in form, we mention our preferences, what we would like to get in swaps, our skin tone, etc.

They gave us a period of 1 month in which we prepare our gifts of certain amount and send to our secret swapper yes secret swapper we don’t had any idea who we sending and whom we getting the gifts but now as all names are revealed so I would like to thanks my secret swapper Sahar awan who sent me these stuff I really liked It.

i sent my gifts to Sana shahid check her blog post about swap A girl Fancies By sana shahid

I have seen all gifts sent by other bloggers by their secret swappers loved the way bloggers put effort in packaging and products they sent their swappers notes cute packages and nice stuff hats of to our talented community admins who running this community very well .

  • Fake eyelashes 

  • Oriflame veryme Smoothie foundation

  • MUA Pink Mascara

  • ELF eyelash and Brow clear Mascara

 Thank you, we had great fun I hope we ll see more activity like this in the future.

Here you can see the album where all blogger's gifts are presented. :)Pakistan Beauty Bloggers 1st swap Album


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