Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hot Tool Deep Tourmaline Weaver Review

 What it says:
Hot Tools Deep Waver CeramicTi provides far-infrared  heat and excellent durability under high heats creating beautiful soft, shiny deep waves on all hair types.

Variable heat settings, up to 430° F
Extra-deep plates
Cool tips
On / Off switch
Locking switch
8-ft. flexible cord

Difference btw ceramic and tourmaline?

 CERAMIC and TOURMALINE - emit far-infrared heat and negative ions for soft, shiny, manageable hair.
TITANIUM - provides even heat distribution and durability and is corrosion resistant to styling products.
PATENTED PULSE TECHNOLOGY - for fast heat-up and instant heat recovery.

 Constant high heat means all styling is performed at the same temperature, providing long-lasting styles.
(Source Beautybasic)

This Weaver is  the best it takes a while to get used to it. It creates elegant bouncy weaves you can always do tight and loose weaves with it.  Its best to work with smaller portion of hairs to make it sealed and than lose it up with your fingers.

Its been a while I bought this but haven’t used it more than 4 times since am not using much heat these days just trying to make my hairs a bit healthier.
It heats up in 60 seconds up to 430°F, and u can adjust the dial with your favourable temperature.
I experiment on my little cousin locks, so I can get some pictures for the review.:) it takes 5-8 sexonds to curl your hairs if you want more deeper weaves lock it till 10-15 seconds.
 Over all this hot tool is the best for “S” type curls.
And it does not burn your hairs like normal curlers because the plates are coated with ceramic and tourmaline.



 I really like the lock feature it locked both plates together so you can store it easily.

 You can get this from everywhere like sallys, amazon,etc . .
Retail price is $55.
You can get it in $39.99 from Beautybasicsupply.com I bought from here they do ship to Pakistan.

Have you used any weaver which is your fav curling tool?


  1. You hair look beautiful! ♥

    1. Its nt mine i mention above that i am on no heat challeng so tried it on my little cousen hair :)))

  2. this looks so hassle-free. xx

  3. That looks gorgeous! And its faster then using a curling iron. Great review!:)

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