Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hot Tool Deep Tourmaline Weaver Review

 What it says:
Hot Tools Deep Waver CeramicTi provides far-infrared  heat and excellent durability under high heats creating beautiful soft, shiny deep waves on all hair types.

Variable heat settings, up to 430° F
Extra-deep plates
Cool tips
On / Off switch
Locking switch
8-ft. flexible cord

Difference btw ceramic and tourmaline?

 CERAMIC and TOURMALINE - emit far-infrared heat and negative ions for soft, shiny, manageable hair.
TITANIUM - provides even heat distribution and durability and is corrosion resistant to styling products.
PATENTED PULSE TECHNOLOGY - for fast heat-up and instant heat recovery.

 Constant high heat means all styling is performed at the same temperature, providing long-lasting styles.
(Source Beautybasic)

This Weaver is  the best it takes a while to get used to it. It creates elegant bouncy weaves you can always do tight and loose weaves with it.  Its best to work with smaller portion of hairs to make it sealed and than lose it up with your fingers.

Its been a while I bought this but haven’t used it more than 4 times since am not using much heat these days just trying to make my hairs a bit healthier.
It heats up in 60 seconds up to 430°F, and u can adjust the dial with your favourable temperature.
I experiment on my little cousin locks, so I can get some pictures for the review.:) it takes 5-8 sexonds to curl your hairs if you want more deeper weaves lock it till 10-15 seconds.
 Over all this hot tool is the best for “S” type curls.
And it does not burn your hairs like normal curlers because the plates are coated with ceramic and tourmaline.



 I really like the lock feature it locked both plates together so you can store it easily.

 You can get this from everywhere like sallys, amazon,etc . .
Retail price is $55.
You can get it in $39.99 from Beautybasicsupply.com I bought from here they do ship to Pakistan.

Have you used any weaver which is your fav curling tool?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Push liner or Tightlining technique for lifted eyes.

 Push liner is basically a simple thing with this technique you fill your upper lashes gaps and make it to look healthier and fuller with minimal effort.

 It's very useful for those girls who have bulgy eyes like me.  My lids are bulgy I don’t like to apply liner or shadow because the bulge covered my crease, and my liner messed up eyo I wish I could have those prominent eyelids, but luckily, I know the technique to prominent my eyes with this technique.

 With this technique, you're targeting the area between your upper lashes in order to enhance it and make it look fuller and thicker.

 I suggest to use gel liner, but many peoples do use powder or pencil liners. Gel liners are easy to apply and do not come out easily.

 Let's start:

1: Take a push brush here you can see how it looks like if you don’t know.Click here

 2: Take your gel liner pot, Dip the brush in it

 3: Now start pushing your upper lashes from the outer corner until the middle. push your liner right between your lashes.

add mascara and here it is taddaa...

REMEMBER: you want to push the brush between your lashes to fill the gaps.:)

 Items I used:
  •  Maybelline Drama gel eyeliner
  • My Bobbi brown ultra fine line brush.

I used Maybelline Drama gel eyeliner a quick swatch of it.

 If you don’t have this brush you can go to any art supply store and get this brush in  minimum. ; )

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Todays Fav

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Valentino fragrance

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<3 superb

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cloud Nine Hair Straightener Before and after

I purchased Cloud nine after reading great reviews about these irons.The Cloud nine was developed by original makers of GHD. 
i posted about my Ghds aswell check here

What it claims?

The Cloud Nine Original Iron is the ultimate hair straightener.
Multi award winning, the Original Iron is the straightener of choice for celebrity stylists around the globe.
The innovative temperature control means you can style from a hair friendly 100 degrees to 200 degrees when only hot will do.
The floating, super smooth plates and curved body allow you to straighten, curl, flick and wave without dragging or catching your hair.
The Cloud Nine Original Iron comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Simply register your product to activate.

The straighteners have many innovations I love. First, they come with a cute LED temperature control that allows you to style without completely frying your locks you can adjust the heat from 50°C to 250°C.
This is by far my favorites feature. However, a close second is the swivel cord, which genuinely swivels, enabling you to curl without tangling yourself in the wire I also love the hibernation mode, which kicks in after 30 minutes (no more ‘did I turn them off?’); the rounded edge, which makes curling easier; and the fact that, unlikwe other premium irons, they don’t sneakily switch themselves off.
the straighteners claim to have a secret ingredient on their black glittery heat plates that adds ‘shine and sparkle’ to the hair My hair always looks shiny after straightening. Hair dresser in uk told me that its Moroccan oil coating but am not sure about it .

Check out the result

After Drying my Hair Naturally

Natural Hairs 

Natural Hairs

After Ironing 1st Day

                 2nd Day after tying in bun still my hairs are straight and shinny

Over All

  • I love this hair iron.
  •  It  gives me long lasting to straight shinny hairs
  •  it doesn’t fries my hairs. 
  • Straightening  lasts on me for 3 days 
  • holding and grip is very good

Price: 129.95 GB POUND
Pakistani rupees (19,470)

Can be purchased from cloudnine website 
or For pakistan Now you can get this from 
Emporium cosmetics ( They having a sale get yours before its to late)

(Post is not affiliated with any Pr/company or store review based on my personal experience and the item bought by myself.)

 Read the article about it :  Cloud Nine Article

Have you tried CLOUD NINE YET?