Sunday, 24 March 2013

Shiseido Facial Mask Review

It’s been a while am not blogging due to some personal issues, but today I wanted to share my experience of Shiseido  face mask.

 I bought it from Uniqso with my lenses' order for only $0.90 I bought five masks because I never tried shiesido masks and heard a lot of good things about it also that my skin needs some extra care now days.
I am having some white acne on my cheeks and lips, which looks like clear bumps   popping out from my face skin and really disliking it,These  are not new its been 2 years am facing this problem , visited doctor,he plucked it out with hot needle and charge too much so I am trying to get rid of it and trying to take care of my skin as much as I can I know exfoliation is good for these in grown acne bumps, but still it does not remove it perfectly so I need to go to doctor after every 2 months . Any ways back to review

 This mask is for acne, blackheads and whiteheads .

My Thoughts:

i heard a lot of good reviews about it and curious to try the mask its a black and very sticky peel of mask comes in a sachet which is 12g a excellent amount for one use .It claims to reduce acne and take out white and blackheads.
It also helps in tightening the skin and reducing enlarged pore size. After cleansing with warm water, gently spread and apply evenly and leave it to dry for 30mins. And peel it off.
The result: Yes, it worth the hype took out lots of black-and-white   heads, mostly white heads maybe because the mask itself is black, so I can clearly see whiteheads, there are a lot of facial hairs on a mask as well ☺. It's better when u applying to make sure u apply it away from your eyebrows and hair line other wise u ll lose your hairs while peeling it off. I don’t think so it does anything for my acne.

All over,  I ll highly recommend it use it twice in a month or 3rice not more than that .very inexpensive mask and really works for your black and white heads. 

 Where to buy? You can get it from uniqso , ebay , amazon 
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Hope you like it let me know your experience any if you know anything related to my acne problem:)


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