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Bio Essence Face lifting cream with ATP Review

Hey Ladies

It's time to Review the Most raving product among Beauty and YouTube Gurus, I saw so many videos on YouTube ladies loving this cream because it claims that it reduces your face chubbiness and lifts it up in 10 minutes let's find out does it work for me or not

I was so wanting this cream from last 1 year I tried to find it out but then always ended up with leaving it because shipping was very high if I order it online, and it was not available in Pakistan. I searched it every super mart here, back in UK, I tried to find this cream in boots, Superdrug, Tesco, etc. so on but did not find it anywhere thought to order it online but still the shipping was way high that time to UK as well. Some time back I was browsing on and saw this product was available there, and they were offering free EMS shipping worldwide if you spend more than $30, and I was so happy  that I instantly ordered it. It  was my first experience from sasa so they took 6 days to identify my account authorization any ways finally the Bio Essence face lifting cream reached to me when I opened the box I was so happy  lol they sent me free 1 bio essence whitening face wash     with 1 hair piece, which was for pets and of course,  my Bio essence face lifting cream.    
Bio essence Face lifting cream with ATP.

What it Claim to do?
it is the most famous product in Asia because it claims to slim down the face by reducing water retention and by lifting the contours of the face.It's supposed to tighten the skintone too.In Hong Kong,and singapore a lot of girls are crazy over the 'V-Shape' face so this product is promoted quite a lot on billboards and bus adverts. Apparently it's a number 1 selling product with over 1 million sales. 
What is ATP:
Known as the “energy currency of life”, Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) is a coenzyme that stores the energy to support metabolism in our cells. It improves micro circulation to facilitate the renew and repair of our skin cells while restoring suppleness, radiance and firmness to the skin.

ATP and its anti-aging efficacies
As the skin is the largest organ of the body, huge amounts of ATP are necessary to allow it to thrive, regenerate and renew itself. ATP is literally required for all processes that take place in the body, from DNA replication and skin regeneration to muscle contraction and collagen synthesis.


8 Marvelous Benefits of Face Lifting Cream 

  • 1.    Contracts pores and refines skin
2. Fades spots and whitens skin 

  • 3.    Reduces double chin
4. Contracts pores and refines skin 

  • 5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 

  • 6. Reduces visible aging lines 

  • 7. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin with precious herbal ingredients 

  • 8. Lifts facial contours, shapes V face and look younger

How to use:
Apply it on your face and neck 2 times a day in morning and before going to bed .

 Direction: apply it on your face and neck and massage it in circular motion and lift your cheeks' upside until it absorbed completely in your skin. 

My Verdict:

 It comes with a measuring tape you can measure your face before applying cream and then re-measure after 10 minutes as it claim to give a proven results in 10 minutes, I had a lot of hope from this cream. I tried it, and it  did not work for me at all; it   does not lift my cheeks, neither I can see any improvement in my skin yes it does moisturize my skin very well, but I purchased this product for lifting not for Mositurizing I can get a lot cheaper alternative for Mositurizing.

BEfore 10 Min & After 10 Min

 RECOMMENDATION: No I will not recommend it.neither I will repurchase  it. 

             Have you tried it? Which is your favourite Face lifting cream?


  1. Nice review, i heard of a similar product..very tempting! but i was afraid of the side effects so i never tried it :)

  2. It broke me out so much that I don't dare to apply it ever again. I wasn't sure if it was this product that broke me out in the first place so I stopped using it for a period of time. My acne subsided. Then I continued using it and acne came back.
    Very disappointed for spending such a huge sum of money for a product that did not work.

    1. Yes agreed feel bad when such a famous products doesnot even do a little bit work after spending such amount disappointed i used it half and now i ll never use it as it does nothing.

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