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Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair extension Review

Hey Ladies, as I promised I, ll do a hair extension review here I am with my Rapunzel Rapunzel hair extension review.

I found this website while watching you tube guru videos, I follow a lot of you tube hairdo videos in which girls use different kind of hair extensions, I was snooping for any good hair extension, which can be available in Pakistan but unfortunately, the extensions I saw in Hyperstar or other malls was very expensive and not worth the money, so I decided to try out Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair extensions how they turned out let's find out .

 What Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair extension claims to do :

Full head. 18 " in length. 100% human hair. The clip in hair extensions comes in a 6-piece set, specially designed to cover your whole head. 
So easy to apply, you can fit them in minutes. Simply snap the clips attached to the wefts into your hair for instant length and volume.
Remi hair is the highest quality human hair available worldwide. The hair is collected and processed root-to-tip, eliminating, matting and tangling.

They Have 2 kinds of Hair extension Remi & Euro .
Let me differentiate between 2 of them.
Both have very little difference as mention on a website .

My Thoughts:

 Here I come from my experience; I bought Remi human hair and was tremendously excited about Rapunzel Rapunzel hair extensions. First of all, Name itself says everything I received my package fairly fast In 6 days approx which is very fast from UK to Pakistan, although they charge a good money for shipping .

When I took the hairs out of the Box, I was very excited it felt soft but when I looked at it carefully I found out so many grey hairs'  in it that I felt I ordered some highlight of black & grey, which was my 1st shocked moreover,  hairs were not full from the root to end they were damaged and broken in half they have flyovers as well,anways  I began to attach strands they comes in 6 pieces, i used 4 pieces only because 2 sniff clips were not working properly.weft comes in one 4 clip weft, two 3 clip wefts, one 2 clip weft and two single wefts .

single 3 clip weft

Total 100gm

 They only sell 18” Hairs, and I bought it to add length in my hairs but 18” are as same as my natural hair .
Hairs are 100g but very thin it looks like 80gm if u looking for adding volume in your hairs you need to buy 2 packs.


•  Add up a bit of volume if you attach all strands.
• Great customer Service 
they comes in variety of colors, which are very near to natural, colors specially Black and browns.  
• Hairs are soft. & Easy to style straight or curl. 
 • Affordable it cost me £54.99 with vat (PKR 8,377)  
• Worldwide shipping in less than 6 days 


• Hair are not of good quality.
 • Damaged Hairs
 • Nomuch sleek n shinny
• If u want to add volume or length you need to use 2 sets . 
• Metal clips Have broken on me  
• Only comes in 18”
 • Hairs are mixed with grey hairs. 
• Curls does not last long.  

  You can get these from (HERE
  Review is Based on my own experience .   

 I hope you liked my review, I am planning to order some other brands and soon update as I ll get it deliver to me .   

Which extensions would  you like the most and which one you using at the moment. x


  1. How much are these extensions? Are these human hair extensions? I'm just inquiring because I am planning on getting 1 set this weekend. Thanks

    1. Its £54.if u planning to buy just check foxylocks , luxy locks hardkandy websites than decide x

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  3. Great i will try that also , so far I have my own Human Hair Extensions and I love wearing it.

    Thanks for posting

  4. I will look into your shop x Thankyouu for stopping :)

  5. I liked the posts and cool layout you have here! I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and the time it took to post!!Hair extensions

  6. Definately go for the Clip In Hair Extensions they are actually great for your hair because your hair is braided underneath and braiding can help your hair to grow also as gross as it sounds the natural oils in your scalp build up a bit which promoted hair growth and a healthy shine because we actually wash our hair too much stripping the hair of its essential oils…make sure to match the color and compare the hair texture to your own those two factors are very important ! Don’t listen to what anyone else says your hairdresser is not going to have to look at the wedding photos for years to come get the look you want …its YOUR big day!

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  7. What a wonderful Hair Extensions you have. I will included that to my collection :D.

    God Bless!

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