Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mishha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam

As I mention in my previous post that am addicted to Korean cosmetics and skin-care products   I bought so many things in couple of months, with every purchase they send you some samples to try so this facial foam sample I received with my previous month purchase.

 I used it once when I came back home and was lazy to clean my makeup with cleanser I thought to give this facial foam a try how it removes the impurities and how it helps to clean your face. A little goes long way just a bit of facial foam add with water, and it make great milky foam yes it feels like am cleansing my face with silk the smell was awesome for me. I am a big fan of fragrance and the scent of this cleanser is very yummy and it remains on your face after you wash for about 10 minutes I keep on smelling my hands after wash.

How it Works ?

I took a bit out of the sample and dot all over my face then added a bit of water in my palms and start cleansing it. You will notice it becomes so silky on your face, I washed my face after doing 2 minutes cleansing with this face wash and was WOW with the results it took out all my makeups so nicely and cleanse my pores greatly. After towel drying my face, I noticed it left my face glowing I guess it has some whitening formula as well because I feel brighter after using this facial foam, The sample lasts me for three washes yeah and I did all 3 washes in 2 days lol I was so in love with the smell and lather.

I decided to order a full tube which is pretty nice it comes in 200ML tube which lasts you
 more than a month because you need a bit of it. 

Everything written on the back is in korean language

Consistency is thick creamy

i applied some liners lipsticks to show 

In sunlight 

WARNING: please make sure you buy from authentic seller if you're buying from EBay, 
my sister got the fake one, and that was horrible there is a slightly difference in original and 
fake you can spot it very easily.

a little bit needed
·      Cleanse out all dirt
·      Smell great
·      Silky creamy texture
·      Leave your skin brighter
·      Comes in a big tube 200ml

·I don’t find anything bad about this product

You can Get this in $20 from Mishha Official 

 If you are in Pakistan you can get this from Chi Hair iron( They do sell all korean brands with so many samples u can also buy samples if you want just tell her )

I will surely recommend this product.


                 What Do you think about Asian cosmetics Which is your favourite Korean Brand?

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