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DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial

Hey Ladies,

  Bath Bombs are 1 thing, which is always with me when am going to take a bath, am obsessed with bath bombs and I know many of you love it
   My obsession starts when my friend gifted me her hand made bath bombs back in U.K and oh wow I started loving my bath tub the colors the smell just make me so happy and I was so in love with them that I started buying and using them but buying it every time from any store or online is very pricey it literally take a lot of bugs out of my pocket monthly and I decided not to spend so much money on bath bombs which dissolve after 1 bath.

 Then I started researching about it and found this recipe of bath bombs, which is very easy, and can made in home easily without denting your pocket. And yes its way cheaper than buying from Lush, body shop or other stores.

At the moment I don’t have my own home made bombs so am just showing you the recipe with some pictures which other people made and from where I got this recipe I tried to make and results were bad first time but after a bit of practicing it was superb and turned up well. Amazing for those who love the bath bombs like me J

The ingredients are pretty common and can some of it can ind in your kitchen cabinets easily.

Dry ingredients:
 (By weight, as measured on a scale.)
    Baking Soda - 8 ounces
    Citric Acid - 4 ounces
    Corn Starch - 4 ounces
    Salts - 4 ounces (, I used Dead Sea Salts, but mineral salts work too, and are easier to find and significantly less expensive.)

Wet Ingredients:
    Water - .75 tbsp
    Essential or Fragrance Oil - 2 tsp (for these I used a Ginger Peach.)
    Oil - 2.5 tbsp (I used cherry kernel, but any light vegetable oil will work.)
Food coloring - 1 or 2 drops. (Your color will look very dark in the emulsion, but will be light in the fizzes, so as to not leave rings around the tub. Just use 1,2 drops of colours.

These are the Dry Ingredients( Ref Googled)

All Dry ingredients weighted and put in a plastic bowl
 1. Start by weighing the dry ingredients. You should always measure by weigh when making bath bombs. I weigh in the following order: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, then epsom salts. They weigh 10 ounces (284g) combined. You can weigh them one by one or together. As you can see by the picture sequence, I weighed them together. 

2. Once you have weighed the dry ingredients, put them in a plastic or crystal bowl and set aside.

3. Now measure your wet ingredients and mix them all in a plastic or glass bowl. They won't mix perfectly, don't worry about that. You should have a little less that 2 tablespoons total of wet ingredients. Maybe you won't need that entire amount

4. Start adding the wet ingredients to the dry mix one teaspoon at a time. Don't add more than that amount at once because the mix will start reacting. Whisk the mix at the same time you're adding the liquid. 

5. When you have added two teaspoons, test your mix by pinching a little bit in your hand. If it stays together and feels damp, your mix is ready. But if falls apart, keep adding liquid, 1/2 teaspoon at a time and testing the mix after each addition. The finished mix should feel like damp sand in your hands. It should not feel wet. If you think you have added too much liquid, add a little corn starch as needed. 
6. Now lets get ready to mold. Fill the mold you chose with some of the mix. Add as much as you need so the powder is compressed in the mold, it should be tight. You can leave it in the mold or remove it. I decided to remove it and it kept its form. Some people find that it is almost impossible for it to keep its form after it is removed. So if you've never done this before, leave it in the mold until it's completely dry. 
7. Let it dry for 24 hours. 

Your finished product should look somewhat like this ones, depending on the color or shape you used. 

Above images are taken from from where i learnt how to make bath bombs.

Here are few more images with using different moulds and Colors.

These are few Bath bombs from the site i used to buy a lot.
MY old purchases

I Hope you liked it .

Happy Bathing.x

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