Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NOTD Velvet powder effect

Marhaba sweets Hope you all doing well ..
Today am going to review about nail velvet or nail fur, its a new trend now a days very popular in girls i always wanted to try it out but its hardly available where i live so i decided to order from ebay as for me it was a bargain i bought 12 containers of nail velvet in just 3pound ;) .and the best part was it arrived so quickly in 6 days from hongkong wow usually  it take 30 days to reach here from cheap mail lol anyways ...

My thoughts:
i love it the velvety effect was very good it didn't fall out for like 3 hours but the bad part was when u wash your hands slowly n gradually it ll start removing and till night u will only feel your half if nail not  even fully covered with powder there will be patches where u can clearly see your nail polish so its best you can apply an hour before going anywhere or in night if you going in morning apart from this i love it i ll buy it again this time a big container because containers were very small which i dont like but what else i can expect in 3 pound ;)

What do you think about velvet powder please  comment Thankyou :)

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