Saturday, 5 January 2013

1st Post on myself:)

Marhaba sweets, so this is my very first post i would like to tell a little bit about myself ..
as u all already know from the name of this blog and from description my name is Anila faruk i am from Karachi pakistan , i graduated from London .. i love to research about  makeup skincare and haircare products am madly in love with beauty world although i myself is not a professional or any certified beauty professional but i love to try things ..

How i get into blogging world its not a long story so i ll tell u in short one day i was sitting in Starbucks  with some of my friends back in London 1 of my friend was constantly busy in her laptop she was basically writing on her blog about some stuff that day i came home n started reading her blog than i switch to many blogs which were ahhhmaaziinng it was all i love about , from that day  every night i kept myself busy in reading blogs i  love researching on stuff i like so this was very useful and interesting thing for me before that i never took blogs so seriously pardon to bloggers ;) i thought why not i also start a blog i already own alottttt of makeup with quality products i should share my experience with world and some girls like me who love to read about certain products so this is it i hope i ll. learn more n more about blogs because am new to blogging world pardon me if i do any mistakes all reviews swatches and thoughts ll b true on my personal experiences no1 sponsoring

 every stuff is purchased by my own pocket .i ll start posting reviews soon pls. leave comments and your blog addresses i want to follow many good blogs . Love <3

please add me VIA GFC:)
Anila faruk


  1. gr8 work. i loved ur body shop haul.

  2. hey do follow my blog too
    n please contact me at my email address i need to discuss some bodyshop products with u, hope that u will help n wont mind


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