Thursday, 23 July 2015

Besthairstore Tape in Hair Extension Review

As you all know Hair extensions are very popular these days .There are various type of hair extensions ,which we girls love to add in our hair to enhance volume and length . I love to put it for length but I always try to find good quality in bargain price today I am sharing an astonishing website who retail Real human hair tape in , lace wigs and hair extensions in the best price I have ever came across.

A little about the Best Hair store:

We’re the hair extensions experts! And, like you, we're passionate about our hair because it's an extension of our unique personalities.

Did you know that lower-quality human hair is placed in an acid bath that completely destroys the cuticle? That’s a problem because acid-treated hair has no natural shine, so it is covered with a silicon layer to give it a smooth shiny look. The problem is that after a few washings, the silicon comes off and the hair becomes dry and easily tangled.

The highest quality hair will not have an acid bath. The cuticle will be in tact and the hair will be soft, shiny and manageable. Our entire line of clip in hair extensions, hair wefts, fusion hair extensions and tape in hair extensions are all 100% human hair that has not been treated with an acid bath.

We do not use third party sources. So we are able to pass these savings to our customers. But we guarantee the style and hair type and texture are the same, so it’s always quality you can count on.

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Their tape in hair extentions comes in 20 pc set from 50gmto 200gm you can select your shade from their wide color selections.

What is Tape in hair extensions? 

Tape-in extensions are 100% Virgin human hair, which means they look and feel just like your own. Adhering them will not cause any damage to your hair, and they are easily applied without the use of tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. The extensions are gently removed using a bond remover. With the proper care, tape-in extensions can last as long as other types of extensions, about 6-12 months.

Besthairstore prices starts from $86 to onwards and they ship worldwide.

Please have a look and feel free to ask anything at Best Hair Store

Friday, 17 July 2015

Elf Contour Brush

I was looking for a flat shape brush from so long ,  didn’t wanted to spend a lot of money in mac or nars contour brushes because I don’t think am gonna use it a lot.

 I saw this Elf brush its from their new brushes and ordered it to see if it works or not, personally I love ELF studio brushes more than anything else I don’t use my mac rather than it I use my elf studio brushes ,they are super cheap and super awesome in term of quality I love their eyeliner and blush brush they are my all time favorite and now coming to this brush.

It’s a synthetic brush very similar to mac 111, its super dense gives very sharp contour line which I like to blend with fluffy brush you can have full control where you want to place the product with this brush.

 I love to contour my cheekbones and my nose with this brush and than later I can blend all with a fluffy brush its perfect with cream contour aswell i tried with my cream contour and it works amazingly with both liquid and cream products.

All over it’s a very good dupe of mac and nars and works perfectly amazing if you love those sharp contour faces this would be your best friend I will highly recommend this brush although now contouring is going and strobing is in but still you can get this brush and get those high cheekbones effect.

  • super dense you can't blend with it 
  • Super cheap price
  • you don't have to be pro with this brush
  • pick product nicely
  • easily available
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer full Review

A Guest post by Hudda Syyed !

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer is seen as an authentic and historical brand because it dates back to 1851. It comes in a basic white plastic bottle and has the ingredients clearly printed on the front. A lot of women find it to be their holy grail after being disappointed with other moisturisers.

It has a liquid like yet heavy white texture, it’s easy to spread out and apply on the face and neck. This could be a life-saver for dry skin and has all the natural goodness of sweet almond oil and avocado. These are just two of the several ingredients listed on the bottle. Since my skin is of a dry combination, this moisturizer helped soothe it and keep it hydrated. It might not be the same for oily skin though.

This moisturizer has no fragrances which could be an additional point for those with sensitive skin. The packaging mentions it to be for all skin types. I’ve been using this for a long time, and haven’t experienced any breakouts or irritation.

Since it is a very basic moisturizer, it doesn’t aim at any particular skin concerns, and could be a downer for those looking for targeted skin-care. However, I think that it proves to be a good primer before foundation and can be used in the daytime and nighttime.

The bottle is sturdy and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around and pop out when you’re running errands. It is available with and without SPF.

Credit: Huda Syyed

Saturday, 7 March 2015 Amazing website for Name jewellery.

Every girl loves Jewellery,  and Name lockets are in fashion from a decade today I am writing about a website which contain awesome name lockets, and their own customized stuff come and let's explore this epic website. Name Stylish

 Introduction to is the premier online retailer to buy name necklace and monogram necklace since 2015.

At, our mission is to supply featured name jewelry as an affordable price. We offer clear pictures and detailed description to help you choose our products.
We never compromise on quality at! We are proud to supply our customers with the best products. We believe our customers should not have to pay unreasonably high prices for quality name necklace.

 What they have in their website: 

  • Name Jewellery ( Necklace, Earing,Rings)

  • Monogram Jewellery (Necklace, Earing,Rings,Bracelet..)

  • Carrier style jewellery
  • Engraved jewellery,
  • Infinity jewellery,
  • Love jewellery ETC

 They work in white Gold, Solid Gold,  Rose Gold,  Sterling silver ,Acrylic ..

 Wow I am so loving this site I love to wear name necklaces and looking forward to customize myself  a good piece from them.

 Below I am attaching few of my personal Fav Designs do check them out for more designs.

 I hope you will love this amazing site they have a lot more so click here and check them out

 They ship worldwide FREE

 Don’t Forget to Comment Below your favorite style !