Sunday, 24 January 2016

theBalm Launch Karachi Pakistan

I went to the wonderful launch of the Balm at Scentsation Dolmen Karachi, we really had a great time at the launch, got to know some inside and behind the brand, tried a lot of new stuff at their counter am very satisfy with their pricing equivalent to USA. 

About theBALM:

theBalm is a global brand which boasts of a complete range of makeup products, with a vision to provide Glamour, Excitement and Innovation through High-quality Products at Affordable Prices. With a "beauty in five minutes" philosophy, theBalm's multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. theBalm is not only the one of the leading chain of cosmetics internationally  but also has a powerful presence in many countries around the world. 

The balm is one of my favorite brand I am so in love with their lumanizers and blushes, The best thing is that its officially launched in Pakistan Karachi exclusively at ScentSation .

theBalm stands out alone with their naughty n vintage packaging am a person who is a sucker for vintage packaging and theBalm is one of the best brand in term of Quality and performance.

My most favorite product from this brand is without any doubt MaryLouManizer check full review here .

I am very excited about their availability in Pakistan I cant wait to get my hands on some of my favorite instain blushes and Hughie’s lipstains.

To all ladies who want to know where exactly it is available in Karachi you can check Scentsation Dolmen Clifton and Tariq road.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art Pen Review-Swatch

 Holiday season is here and who doesn’t like some sparkles this season. I love to wear glitters these days no sweating no oily skin no worries.

Reviewing eye catching Revlon eye art duo tubes, they do look very similar to Revlon nail polish tubes but they are their new eye art pens.
GreenGlimmer and PeachPrism

So what’s all about eye art huh? Well these are duo sided tube one side is cream eyeshadow and other is glitter with clear gel.

Revlon eye art pen comes in 10 different shades, they all are different in textures and opacity depend on color to color some are better than others.i picked Green Glimmer and Peach Prism.

They dry in a minute ,you can create different looks with these eye art pens either use them alone or pair them with their cream side,I really like their applicator its so good to see fat glitter brush which is very easy to cover your entire eye I am more excited about glitters than cream shadows because I am wearing glitters everyday almost and these are very easy and quick thing to work with some one like me who have hooded eyes.

They don’t transfer on lids at all and be on place for good 7-8 hrs that’s the max i tried them on my eyes but am sure they can be good boys and can stay more than this time on eyes without budging and transferring.

I literally cant stop praising these bad boys would definitely recommend to all of you who want budget friendly sparkles for their eyes.

They are beautifully pigmented, easy to apply long wear cream shadows and glitter which you won’t regret buying.

This collection is worth checking than what are you waiting for Grab your favorite color from Just4girls and jazz up your look today.

  •  Revlon Photo Ready eye art pen Retail for 1399 but you can get them for 999 Rs  from Just4Girls and Don't forget to use my 5% off Code (J4GALM5) applied Site-wide.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Carli Bybel Eyeshadow palette by Bh cosmetics

i never had a lot of success with Bh cosmetics, i was very confused either to get carli babel palette or not considering the brand Bh i never liked them anyways i saw an online page selling it and i ordered it out of curiosity.


Palette itself is gorgeous white cardboard with silver embellishment when you open it, it has a big mirror inside oh man i love how gorgeous this palette looks .

coming to eye shadows it contain 14 eye shadows matte and shimmery mixed as soon as i dipped my finger into first shade oh it was buttery smooth and heavily pigmented all the colors are superb.

 i was not expecting such an awesome and easily bendable matte shadow contain 5 Matte and 5 shimmery eyeshades.

My favorite thing Highlighters oh gosh this is the main reason why i bought this palette such a gorgeous 4 highlighter shades for every skin tone ,

i tried all they are very good the only downfall of this palette is few shades and highlighters are powdery when i put my brush on it to get the product it start chalking but never mind Carli & Bh have done a great job.

It’s a big hit from Bh Cosmetics

in stores now get it before it goes oos again.Carli Bybel palette

its a limited edition and retail at 12.99$ only

Sunday, 22 November 2015

My personal Favourite Face Brushes

Hello guys as i was away from some time , i thought to make a post on my most favourite makeup brushes i will be putting pictures from google of my most favourite brushes along with their function.

  • Foundation brush 
i am a fan of SIGMA brushes and one of them are F80 Flat top kabuki brush for buffing out foundation.
 World most favourite sponge Beauty blender there is no going back once you have used this tool nothing on this earth can beat original Beauty blender.

  • Powder Brush
i am fan of ELF studio brushes 2 of my favourite powder brushes are these from elf

  • Contour Brush
Elf contour brush is very dense i love to  use it when i want very sharp and intense contour but you always need another brush with this to blend em all due to its density .

Coming to RT contour brush 301 this is superb for contouring a bit pricey but worth every penny recently started using it, it makes contouring so easy.

  • Blush Brush
Mac 129 is super perfect for blush.

Eco Tapered Blush brush is another most loving brush of mine for applying blush .
  • Highlighter Brush

Highlighter is my most favourite part of makeup i have tons of highlighters i love to use powder highlighters instead of liquid ones . only brush i use to highlight is Bh Fan brush from its polka dot brush set.

Please leave your fav makeup brush names below i will be posting more reviews hauls and some look posts soon . 

Anila F.